Thursday, September 5, 2013


If we don't accept responsibility for our freedoms and not discipline libertarian
tendencies,we the people will no longer be a government of the people.

Questions about our freedoms and security has arisen because the present
administration and its leader cannot be trusted. It has been proven by their
handling of the economy, the chaos in their meddling of health care, the divide
of classes and rise of racism under their watch; deterioration of our prestige
throughout the world and scandal ridden happenings. The NSA is under scrutiny
because of suspicion in how it is used.

Disrespect in utilizing freedom was the demise of great empires, collapsing
from within and laying prey to hostile, adversaries waiting to take their
place in history's cycles.

It is human nature to become complacent and take things for granted, thinking
as is will never end. Anything worth while saving needs maintenance.

To keep the nation safe it is necessary to have a sort of NSA, but with strict
over-sight from none political sources. Here is where responsibility and
discipline kick in, because prevention of subversity against the state supersedes
total privacy of the individual. Complete privacy is not one of the freedom in our
Constitution when it becomes a danger to our survival.

It is a menacing world that at times demands compromise in order to preserve
the complete picture of the idea of America.

Anyone abusing this preservation by miss using our options must be dealt with
severely, as well as those exposing our security to our adversaries under pretext
of doing service

George Giftos

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