Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to Deal with Black Racism

Written by Lloyd Marcus

The term "racist" in America is synonymous with white. According to the liberal media elites (New York Times writers, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN), Hollywood (Jeanine Garafolo and associates) and the Obama administration, white America is automatically guilty of being racist. The burden is on whites to prove their innocence. It is wrong that decent white people always find themselves on the defensive in regards to race relations.

No one dares to mention, rebuke or even consider the possibility of minority racism. And yet, when Obama received 96% of the black vote with many thinking Sarah Palin was his Vice President, it is safe to concluded most blacks voted skin color over principles; which is racism.

Jesse Jackson said blacks cannot be racist because they are not in power. This is hog wash, liberal intellectual "double speak" and another typical liberal attempt to relieve blacks of any responsibility for wrongdoing. Such so-called black leaders have the audacity to complain about black-on-black crime and the epidemic of black males dropping out of school. Black liberal enablers cannot relieve black males of personal responsibility for their behavior, blaming everything on whitey, and expect the lives of these youths to change for the better.

Like every other sin, a measure of racism will always exist. But we cannot continue allowing minority racism to go unchecked and expect us to ever truly become united as Americans.

By Lloyd Marcus, Black Unhyphenated American

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Anonymous said...

I agree with u a 110% we should
call out racism and racists enough with the double standards!!! Call it out on both sides equalty!

Russ said...

Hear hear!

Lloyd, got a chance to hear you sing in D.C. on 9/12. Kudos.

Here's my take if you're interested:

From Friday.

Good site too. Adding it to my mob roll here:

Anonymous said...

They said Obama wouldn't get elected because he was black... they said he would be murdered because he was black...

Yet niether happened. This is enough evidence show that either their claims that every one is racist(but them of course) is unfounded.

Again, after all, if white America was the real racists the Obama would not have been elected and if he did(for wahtever reason) then some group of white people would have killed him.

Their use of the race card is simply a tactic to get ahead. What do you expect them to use when they have no intellectual based arguments. They resort to childhood politics as this is all they really know.