Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Debra Burlingame of Keep America Safe

Another example of why Holder and Napolitano and Soetero need to go. To even think of holding these low-life Terrorists on trial IN AMERICA, is reason 101 to dump these clowns.
Yes, the fringe Main Stream Media will have you believe that these Attorneys who represent the Terrorists are doing it for their good nature. Wrong, many of these Attorneys are just Radical Leftist who want to punish America and give a playground to the Terrorists. My question for all the Nazi Liberals is "what if you lost a close family member in a Terrorist attack"?

Stop Marxism!

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Teresa said...

Debra Burlingame is so couragous for standing up to these Marxist pigs. There is absolutely no reason to give our enemy extra rights as both our anti-American President and Attorney General want to do. They are so despicable.

Net Lease Properties said...

Politicians should listen to Debra Burlingame. Not only is she very smart but she has lost a loved due to Terrorism.