Friday, October 1, 2010

Wacko Commie Groups Who Support The Regime

Look at these Groups who Barry Soetoro supports and viceversa. What have the Liberals done to America putting Barry in Office?

If you believe in a free America, please pass this on.

Here are just a smidgeon of the groups that are sponsoring the 10-2-10 rally in DC next week. Going to be an interesting week. (Latino rights) Headed up by an admitted communist...Van Jones. Notice the orange flag with the letter N in place of the stars..... (Social Justice) Communism.... The Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) is a multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change. In their words...communism. Another socialist movement out to turn us into communism.

Check that they already have 100 busses signed up for the rally. Now you know about our president that was a community organizer. All about hope and change.
Just remember, our country became great through capitalism, not communism. The graves are filled from their exploits on humanity. Another same group with the silly orange stripe flag. Oh you know they are teaching our kids what they need. A USA Muslim organization... They should help.. Chicago communist party of America...We are in the fight of our lives. Code Pink..What a lovely group The name says it all. Cute name but they kill babies. Remember, Oblunder's first action as president was to repeal the partial birth abortion that was passed under president Bush. The killing of children right through the last 3 months.

Now folks, there are over 300 of these groups that will be at this rally and I have just posted a few of them. They all have the same message. Check them out. Our president supports and is calling them together, as the great community organizer that is his claim to fame. and one thing they all have in common, to bring our system down and to propitiate their socialist agenda on our USA. Remember, he ran on hope and change and in fundamentally changing the way we are. He meant it.

They are having these rallies because of the upcoming elections in November. They are scheduled to have one more after this one.

If you have enjoyed the fruits of our great country, please pass this letter on to your friends and don't sit this election out. We have them running scared and they are pulling out all their stops to get their folks out along with all the dead people they can muster up. If we lose this one and don't gain some ground, it is all over for America and the freedoms that our past soldiers fought for. This country did not become wealthy through communism, it became wealthy through hard working enterprising individuals that shared their dream in a free America. We all benefited from them and I don't want a Cuba, China, Russia or anything close that resembles them.

Remember...There are no Atheists in the Foxholes.

We are at war.

Hat Tip to Chuck On The Right Side

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