Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop Funding Tony Bennett - It was an Islam Job

You are either with us or against us! Listen up Tony Bennett! You have made millions of dollars from the American People. And this is how you repay us? You parade around for years as if you are an Italian-American who came up with nothing and became a success. Your mask is off now and you are no Italian American. You are a Muslim! You are no different than Radical Islam Terrorists who want to punish America. Yes the radical Islam sycophants (I guess Tony Bennett also) want Women in trunks of Cars. They want “Honor Killings” and they say Husbands can rape their wives or treat them any way they see fit.

Tony Bennett, you are no different than lowlife Rapper Ice Tea, Racist rapper Common and Michelle Obama supporting Cop Killers, and rapping about Raping Children and Killing Police Officers. Tony Muslim Bennett, you are no different than this clown, baby gaga, who does not want LEGAL Americans protected in Arizona. The baby gaga liberals want the illegal Aliens and illegal immigrants to be able to come in America and lop off arms, kidnap, and rape and murder our Legal Americans.

Tony Bennett has forced our hand. American should no longer support Bennett or his vile left wing thug buddies. Let us not forget tony Bennett came out in full support of BARRY ZERO SOETORO even after we knew he wanted to transform America into a third world Country. BARRY ZERO SOETORO, and Tony Islam Bennett did this with the help of their racist and terrorists friends.

After this was written he allegedly apologized. It is a little too late. He and his Marxist Cronies want Capitalism with their money but want us slaves to live under the thumb of Barry and the EPA.


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Bloomfield Hills Life Insurance said...

It is a shame all those People died and some Americans still blame us.