Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vile NBC producer Fired Finally over Screwing Up Zimmerman 911 Call

The Cowards in the Media- Supporting - Marxists keep trucking along. They use their own racist beliefs to determine other Non-Black Americans are guilty. All of the Liars in the MSM who promote Barry and Racism are despicable. If the Guy, Zimmerman was getting beaten on, was he right to shoot Trayvon? I don’t know all the facts but I will not hang this Guy like many Americans did with the Duke Lacrosse Players.
How many Liberals are the first to say “hang him” when they are the Victim of crime. Yet if others are a Victim of Crime, Left Wing Liberals want to do an Eric Holder, let People off.

I am not saying Trayvon should have been shot but he was the first to tell People that he, himself was a Gangsta. His messages on twitter and the possible stolen jewelry on Martin at school does not mean he should be shot either. Yet if your Mom, Sister or Wife had their jewelry stolen, what would you think?

NBC News has fired a producer for editing a recording of George Zimmerman's call to police the night of Trayvon Martin being shot. The MSM Cowards are not authorized to talk about the situation publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity. The identity of the producer was not disclosed. Yet everyone, including Spike Lee, knows George Zimmerman’s name. This NBC Lowlife has purposely installed their Racist actions into this boiling pot of water. Would the New Black panthers have a $10,000 BOUNTY on Zimmerman had it not been for vile MSM Leftists cutting and pasting their agenda?

The dirtbag producer's dismissal followed an internal investigation that led to NBC apologizing for having aired the misleading audio. Did they apologize to President Bush or America for their other lies???

The idiots at NBC's "Today" show first aired the edited version of Zimmerman's call on March 27. The recording viewers heard was trimmed to suggest that Zimmerman volunteered to police, with no prompting, that Martin was black: "This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black."

But the portion of the tape that was deleted had the 911 dispatcher asking Zimmerman if the person who had raised his suspicion was "black, white or Hispanic," to which Zimmerman responded, "He looks black."

Zimmerman told police he fired in self-defense after Martin attacked him.
The Left Wing lowlifes who promote Rev. Wright, Barry Soetoro and Al Sharpton questioned whether Zimmerman was racially profiling the teen, a theory that was forced down our throats with the phony, edited version of the tape.

On Tuesday, NBC said its investigation turned up "an error made in the production process that we deeply regret." It promised that "necessary steps" would be taken "to prevent this from happening in the future" and apologized to viewers. The Liberals in the MSM will not stop, don’t take my word, just watch them. They will lie about Rush and promote Jesse Jackson, lie about sarah Palin and promote nazi Pelosi.

It just amazes me just how many people are still taken in by Obama and the hacks in the MSM. How can anyone defend these pieces of garbage in the News Media? They hate America and many Americans tune into these clowns like they are messiahs.


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