Monday, May 16, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

America, we have a problem.
Sorry to be the one breaking the bad news to you my fellow Americans but, you don’t seem to be aware of what you cannot see or hear. Or is it that you refuse to see or hear the raw facts regarding the critical mass of the mess that confronts us today, in this once exceptional nation?
Maybe it has just escaped your notice since you’ve been so occupied with lives that matter; the climate that is always changing; ignoring the influx of illegal, radical thugs & lunatics bent on our destruction; pondering the stupefying question about which bathroom to use; loudly screaming for an unlimited minimum wage; and blindly supporting this Commander-in-Chief as he continues to cave-in to the bullies of the world who hate us and our way of life - the bad guys who thirst for nuclear weapons and for new ways to destroy the freedoms of the West.
As a nation that is now populated with an inordinately large segment of people that have degenerated into a state of cluelessness, carelessness & something-for-nothing greediness, we have permitted ourselves to become myopic to reason, oblivious to facts and unwilling to confront the truth of what we have brought down upon our own heads.   
If one reviews the list of presidents we’ve hired, beyond those first few who founded this nation, it is easy to see that we’ve chosen some doozies.  With the exception of Lincoln, Reagan and one or two others, we seem to have had a penchant for hiring men who were incompetent, misguided, immoral, venal or worse.  In some cases, we re-elected them because the other choices were even more unacceptable. And so in 2008, we foolishly elected a Son of Islam thinking he was going to be our ‘first black president’ because as all the smart folks knew, that would surely be the answer to all our problems.  Can you say, ‘Suicidal’?
I won’t take the time and space to itemize the litany of ‘fundamental changes’ he promised that turned out to be a non-stop series of oppressive regulations and control-freak power grabs emanating from the Oval Office.  Many were done by Presidential fiat in the middle of the night.  Many are blatantly unconstitutional.  All are squeezing the life out of America.
We now have the choice to elect the ‘first female incompetent’ who promises to continue the reign of ‘ObamaOppression’ and even enhance it with more ‘No Hope & No Change’.  Things are looking up. The only ones apparently having fun are the geniuses in the complicit media.
This presidential election is well on the way to becoming a chaotic mess like no other we’ve seen.  We’ll be faced with nothing but Hobson’s choices. Time to get real, People. Think hard about whom & what you will be voting into office; you owe it to your Grandchildren.
                                        MORT KUFF  © 5-16-2016   

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