Thursday, September 28, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

     NFL players take a knee.
Any NFL team owner, any head coach and any football player who ‘takes a knee’ during the playing of the National Anthem should, in my opinion –
          be ‘given a knee’ – you can guess where.
I used to love to watch pro football;  No More.  I am not so starved for entertainment that I am willing to accept,  condone or forgive this unpatriotic, utterly stupid action that is unsupported by any valid reason I can imagine.
I believe that it is meant as a protest against perceived racism and authority-in-general, by an elite bunch of men who are outstanding athletes but, have yet to mature beyond the thug mentality of street gangs who beat up on helpless citizens, just for kicks.  They are misguided.
I am 100% behind President Donald Trump and applaud his courageous stand against those who would make a mockery of all that our beautiful nation represents.

                                                                     MORT KUFF  © 9-28-2017

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1 comment:

Geo said...

Agree, Mort --they deserve a knee in that place. There's more to this disgraceful display of ingratitude from those to whom much was given. The zillionaire owners received $billions in taxpayer money for their stadiums plus a government enforced monopoly to prevent competition. The players are paid $millions and are adored by fans even tho so many have been arrested over the years for domestic violence, drug use --and worse. Now so many of the eighth grade intelligence level players are dishonoring our flag and anthem --for what? They hate the USA that has given them everything in life. They've also been given racist, left-wing indoctrination in schools and the media.
I could go on ... I love Mort's Meanderings --this is an example of Geo's Rantings.