Thursday, December 16, 2010

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler Fights Radical Islam Terrorists

This Guy in the Video is Fantastic! It's high time the weak-kneed U.S. politicians figured this stuff out. Maybe then we wouldn't be sexually molested at the airport? Maybe we could fight back against our REAL enemies, the Radical Islam Terrorist! The MSM, Barry Soetoro and Coward Holder kiss up to these animals! Yes ANIMALS! They cut off the head of an Archbishop Luigi Padovese and all I hear is Laura Ingraham speak of this? Where is the anger, the outrage? 99% of Media is now wimpy, disgusting Marxists!
And to all the Lowlife, despicable Celebrities who attack the Tea Party, you should be on your knees thanking the Tea Party.

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler addresses Turkish Ambassador Rules!

Hat Tip to Mr. I

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