Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Norman Thomas Institute for MSM

Another strike back at South Florida Marxist Media, aka MSM, aka Obama/Rev. Wright Drones.

Dear Rachel Patron:

With all due respect Rachel Patron, where did you get your economic education, at the Norman Thomas Institute? ( Norman Thomas was a well known Socialist of 60 years ago).

You bad mouth the former Soviet Union, and rightly so, but your economic philosophy is right out of the Karl Marx playbook. All you think about is how government can do this or do that for people when it is universally known that the most inefficient organization created is the government itself. Are you aware Rachel, that the top 1% of earners (making over $380,000) pay 40% of all income taxes? That the top 5% (making over $160,000) pay 60% of all income taxes? That the bottom 50% of earners pay just 3% of all income taxes and still you want to "sock it to" the "rich" who, by the way, are the primary job producers? Why do you and the Democrats always try to demonize the successful people (using class warfare) by over taxing them and by calling them greedy and insensitive? Don't you think everyone should pay into the revenue pot that the government collects? Do you realize that approx. 47% of all earners don't pay any income tax? Is that fair? Were you ever employed by a poor person? That means that America is now about evenly split between those who pay income taxes and those who consume them. That's why the Democrats demonize the "rich" because they are trying to appeal to the larger voting bloc, the 47% who don't pay income taxes, by offering them entitlements - getting something for nothing. It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul so that Paul will vote for them.

Go back to school Rachel, and get yourself some basic economic education, with a non-liberal economics instructor, with emphasis on our capitalist, free enterprise system, not the Marxist/Socialist crap you are spouting now.


Another post from our friends at Chuck On The Right Side

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