Sunday, March 13, 2011

Radical Islam heinous Acts Against the United States

Dear Sun-Sentinel Editor:

To read some of the complaints in the Sun-Sentinel about the House hearings chaired by Rep. Peter King, you'd think he was conducting a witchhunt without any real purpose in mind. Do we have a problem with certain groups in this country who want to do us harm? Are certain people actively being recruited to engage in heinous acts against the United States, which is you and I?

Of course, there is a need to bring light upon this potential danger, regardless of whether certain people consider it to be politically incorrect or not. A perfect example is right here in our own backyard. Passing by a synagogue or temple on the Jewish sabbath, you'll find armed guards patrolling and checking out the visitors to these places of worship. Why? Everyone knows, or should know, that these places of worship are prime targets for terrorists and extremists.

Only fools would consider this an over reaction in trying to find out who these potential terrorists are and who is recruiting them to do their dirty deeds. I don't think these Jewish places of worship are protecting themselves from Swedish, Costa Rican, South Korean or Lutheran terrorists. Wake up and smell the coffee!


Chuck On The Right Side
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