Monday, March 7, 2011

Ed Meese: Defend those who Defend us

We often see our Policeman and Troops who are accused of outlandish event that turn out to be lies from our Enemies. Our Policemen and Troops are not highly paid like a kanya west or a kim kardashian or a charlie sheen. Yet many Americans promote the sleazy wanna-be celebrities when our Protectors are thrown to the wolves. We are having our Border Patrol Agents armed with bean bags? Are we living in a Communist Country or what?

Below we have a posting from the great Ed Meese. Ed Meese is standing up for our fine Law Enforcement Officers

Ed Meese: Defend those who Defend us

During the past holiday season, we all became very busy buying gifts and making plans for family dinners. However, today we forget about the gifts we are given and the sacrifices made by public servants every day. Law enforcement officers risk their lives in the line of duty all year long. In my opinion that is the greatest gift a person can give.

My name is Edwin Meese III, the 75th Attorney General of the United States of America. Throughout my entire life and career I have had the utmost respect for police officers who risk their lives to defend our safety. I am a Board Member of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF), a non-profit organization that defends law enforcement officers unfairly charged for actions taken in the line of duty. It is an outrage that dangerous criminals attempt to ruin the lives and careers of the officer who arrested them. LELDF supports and defends our law enforcement men and women who daily risk their lives to insure the safety of our communities and our families.

All too frequently police officers are wrongfully accused for actions taken in the line of duty. These accusations often come from the very criminal suspects that police officers protect us from, even though the officers have implemented the policies and techniques they were trained to perform. The wrongful accusations are frequently made by criminals to evade prosecution and out of some mistaken belief that if they make enough accusations they will destroy careers and bring financial ruin to the officers.

I am writing about officers that are accused of misconduct by criminals while performing their duties as they have been trained. Sadly these accusations can result in wrongful prosecution. One reason some of these cases are lost is the fact that most police officers simply cannot afford an adequate defense. That is where the LELDF can help.

Criminals, many of them in the country illegally, make outrageous accusations against honest hardworking police officers. Patriotic and thankful Americans, such as ourselves, must help these officers on whom we rely so much. $25, $50, $100 or as much as you can give will allow LELDF to continue defending those who defend our safety by Clicking Here!


For instance, Officer Robert Lawlor, recently acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges, is facing a civil case for wrongful death; Officer Raymond Bunn recently had all charges of murder and manslaughter dismissed on grounds of self defense but is facing a civil trial for wrongful death of a man who tried to run over him with an SUV; Officer Torrey Thompson, facing a criminal trial for murder and manslaughter is now facing a civil trial for wrongful death of a dangerous felon.

LELDF relies on the generosity of thousands of thankful Americans like you to pay the legal fees and expert witness cost for officers that have been wrongly accused. Unfortunately, unlike these criminals, these heroic Police Officers do not have the taxpayers to pay the expenses.

At LELDF we can’t sit by when so many officers are being punished for doing a job they were trained to do .We have long accepted that Law Enforcement Officers are held to a higher standard when it comes to behavior. Is it not time that these officers get equal standards when it comes to their ability to defend actions taken in the line of duty?

That’s why I am asking you to think about the men and women facing unfair criminal prosecutions and civil actions for crimes they didn’t commit. They were doing their job protecting our families all throughout the year. By donating $25, $50, $100 or as much as you can give, you can help LELDF defend those who have defended us.


Edwin Meese III
former U.S. Attorney General

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Connelly, the initial prosecutor in the Lawlor debacle, will donate a portion of his generous pension to LELDF. That is if he is allowed to keep it.