Monday, April 18, 2011

Continued employment of Dr. Alhalabi at Florida Atlantic University

We have another example of Political Correctness destroying America. We had the TRAITOR hassan, at Fort Hood, gun down our own Military Personnel. Coward holder and b. Hussein obama said that we should not jump to conclusions. A real President would want to slam this Radical Islamic Terrorist and Traitor but hussein wants to play patty cake with the Animal. Yes, I say Animal, as that Traitor hassan is a snake. Below we have some information from South Florida. These Radical Muslims should not get a pass especially if they are trying to teach (Brainwash as Liberals do) the young Minds of America. The comments below are from our friends at Chuck On The Right Side.

Dear President Saunders:

Since Dr. Alhalabi has plead guilty to assault, what will be his status as an instructor At FAU in the future? Is this the kind of person who should be teaching at a fine University like FAU? If it was a faculty member of a different religion (a non-Muslim) would they still be holding their position at FAU?
There should not be a double standard in this situation, he is not the type of person you should want as one of your faculty members.
Do the right thing.


Chuck On The Right Side
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