Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stephen Goldstein​s's illogical diatribe in the Sun-Sentin​el

Once again the Brownshirts, aka The Nazi Democrats, try and twist Voters results in Florida. The Governor Rick Scott won fair and square. In fact Rick Scott won without the help of ACORN, The Nazi MSM, Overseas Terrorist sending in Money, and without George Soros helping him. Do the People of Florida wake up and find their debt shrinking under Rick Scott? Yes! Does the sun still rise over Florida even though we did not steal Billions of dollars to build a Failed Green Jobs Transportation system? Yes! Do the People of Florida find themselves capable of finding their way to Tampa Bay from Orlando without hitching a ride on Soetoro's Slave Ship? Yes!

So as one of the lowlife, Brownshirt wearing, Obama supporting, MSM attacks Rick Scott on his looks, we have a comeback from Chuck On The Right Side.

Dear Stephen L. Goldstein:

Mr Goldstein, you claim that Gov. Rick Scott "looks scary". fine that's your opinion, but have you looked into the mirror lately? You make "Mr. Peepers" look like Cary Grant. So much for the pettiness, your ideas "suck".

Your sour grapes diatribe is your reaction to the results of last November's election results. Do you really think you'd be ranting and writing such partisan garbage if the Democrats won the last election? Of course not, as you are just a partisan "hack" columnist with a minimal amount of common sense.

What's also comical is your reference to the fact that Rick Scott got 48.9% of the vote in November and therefore, should not have been elected. Where were you, "Beau Brummel", when "Slick Willie" Clinton won the presidency by garnering 43% and 48% of the vote in 1992 and 1996? Was he an illegitimate presidential winner?

Your specious column is quite obvious in your desire to turn back the results of the 2010 election because your side didn't win. Swallow up your false pride Stephen and crawl back under your rock till the next time the Sun-Sentinel gives you a chance to look foolish.


Chuck On The Right Side
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