Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Fatigue

I'm tired of paying for gas to fill Air Force One's tanks,
when I can't afford to fill the tank in my car.

I'm tired of paying for the Obama's social life in White
House dinners for foreign dignitaries that are open to
their cronies as pay back for contributions.

I'm tired of paying for his jaunts to boost unions and
raise money for Democrats.

I'm tired of paying for their family vacations under the
pretence of state business. How does a mother in-law and
two young children enhance trade and relations with
the girl (Dilma Rousseff) from Ipanema?

I'm tired of paying for their sumptuous meals while the
first lady tells me to eat broccoli.

I'm tired of waiting for Barack to show leadership instead
of shooting hoops and trying to breaking 100 on the golf

I'm tired of seeing the Obamas living high on the hog while
Rome is burning!

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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