Wednesday, May 11, 2011

‘J Street’ Rabbis Keeping Congregations Barefoot and Pregnant

Now just a minute - hold on there, Sir. What kind of provocative headline is that? Are you insinuating that the more moderate, middle-of-the-road, albeit somewhat left-leaning Liberal Rabbis that hold sway over their well-to-do congregations in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton are literally keeping their flocks of sheeple barefoot and pregnant? I can’t believe you mean that. I ask you point-blank Sir, precisely what do you mean by that?

Well, dear reader, if you really want to know and if you’ll actually listen, I’ll explain. First, the ‘barefoot and pregnant’ reference is of course, purposefully calculated to get your attention, incite and irritate you. I gather that it worked. It is also meant to draw attention to direct parallels in actions taken by a number of European Rabbis in the 1930’s and more than a few Rabbis here in our country, today. In Germany, Austria and Poland leading up to WWII, many rabbis kept shushing members of their congregations and admonishing them not to become too vocal in opposition to the anti-Semitism and increasing violence by the ascendancy of Hitler and the Nazis.

And today, right in our own backyard, Jewish spiritual leaders such as Rabbi Dan Levin of Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Rabbi David Baum of Cong. Shaarei Kodesh in Boca Raton and Rabbi Anthony Fratello of Temple Shaarei Shalom in Boynton Beach are once again, advocating peace, patience and tolerance in the face of very real, imminent threats to the security and actual survival of the nations of Israel and the United States. We’ve cited these three Rabbis because as leaders of local Jewish congregations, they were among the 269 rabbis who signed a full-page ad that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on January 27, 2011 and in other selected newspapers across the nation. This ad purported to justify the fallacious notion that adherents to J Street’s philosophical position are wholeheartedly supporting the threatened State of Israel. Wrong. In actuality, the J Street crowd is unquestionably, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. Their claims to the contrary are as hollow and hypocritical as they can be.

These full-page ads weren’t cheap; just to run them cost several thousand dollars each. We were curious to know who actually paid for them. ‘Jewish Funds for Justice’ sponsored these all-revealing blockbuster ads. So, what is this group, what does it stand for and who is behind the curtain? One guess – right! Good old, kindly, benevolent gazillionaire, George Soros. ‘Jewish Funds..’ is but one of many George Soros-financed shadow organizations designed to destroy the traditional liberty and freedoms enjoyed in America, as guaranteed by The Constitution of the United States. Why would anyone want to do that? Soros hates The Constitution and the free-market system and is spending unlimited millions to destroy our economy and national security for his own demonic purposes. Are you slightly curious about who this bird really is? Briefly, he is an internationally infamous ‘fallen’ Jew, who has admitted publicly that he collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. I suggest that you check out George Soros on the internet and learn for yourself, about this devil incarnate. If you hadn’t been so propagandized against Glenn Beck and if you had watched his programs on FOX over the past year or two, you would know all this.

I understand however, that it takes some folks a bit longer to arrive at their own ‘Come-to-Jesus’ moment – especially if they are Liberal Jews living in South East Florida. How do I know this? Because, I am a ‘Come-to-Conservatism’ Jew, now living in South East Florida, who had to overcome the example set by my parents, both of whom lived through the Great Depression years and of course, helped to vote Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt into the Presidency, for four consecutive terms.

Now, let me address my aforementioned Jewish neighbors in the Boynton, Delray and Boca region. To those good and decent Jews who make the effort to ‘educate themselves and stay informed by sitting in front of their wall-mounted, high-def plasma screens watching CNN and MSNBC - - to those with or without Lasik-corrected vision who faithfully read the South Palm Beach Jewish Journal and believe everything they read - - to those from Jews who attend Temple and are lulled into a stupor while listening to ‘peace & love’ sermons from their Rabbis - who constantly admonish them, ‘not to make waves’ - - I offer the following facts for your enlightenment:

J Street is the Pied Piper and you dear neighbors, are the clueless, blind followers who have found a comfy home in the crowd of deviant, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, radical Jews. Yes, I said, ‘radical’. How can you be radical you ask, when you feel so benign? Think about it. Are you truly for Israel’s survival or are you into playing word games without getting involved?

Quite obviously, you are still following the lead of the most notorious among the ‘Jews Gone Wild’, the great goniff himself, Robert Wexler. Our boy Wexie, was able to cast a spell over the ‘smartest of the smart’ in Florida’s District 19 for some thirteen years, and convince them that they did indeed, have representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. Your might recall that the handsome Clinton-toady Wexler’ the quintessential ultra-Liberal Democrat, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned as our Representative in order to avoid the impending result of an FBI investigation into his illegal financial shenanigans.

Accompanying that announcement, Wexie the Pure, announced that he had ‘accepted’ a post with ‘the Center for Middle East Peace’. This organization is J Street, in drag. Wexler is betting all he has, except his pristine reputation (thought you could use a laugh right about now), that the Palestinians will be shoe-horned into Statehood by this and other groups who believe that the Obama administration and the Arab supporting nations in the UN can thusly, bring about the eventual destruction of Israel.

Adding to the pressures being put upon Israel, are the terribly disheartening and most disturbing, unambiguous threats and harsh ultimatums that have been issued by this President, directly from the Oval Office - and echoed so slavishly by highly-placed members of this administration. Our Lord, Master & Savior, and his enablers who speak so loudly to the contrary, are actually engaged in a full-court-press attack on Israel’s right to defend herself against the bloodthirsty, hated-filled forces that surround her. And, they unashamedly invoke the mantle of those anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, anti-American member nations of the corrupt UN, to justify the blatantly out-in-the-open frontal attack by the fanatic followers of Islam – operating both in the Middle East and now, from within our very own borders.

I make no distinction between so-called ‘radical Islam’ and Islam because in actuality, no rational distinction can be made. Islam is not a religion anymore than the Democrat Party is a religion. They are both out-&-out, single-purpose political machines with their leaders marching in lock-step toward one common objective – that being, to completely dominate and totally control as much of the spineless Westernized civilization on this planet, as possible. However, in the case of Islam, they fully expect that sooner or later they will dominate the world. When these people speak, we’d be well advised to pay attention and listen.

Evangelical Christians in this country are leading from the front, in the effort to protect and preserve the State of Israel from the legion of Jew & Israel haters. Bless them for that. Sad to say, there are far too many Jews in the United States who are still ‘waiting to be convinced’ that there is a problem. How weird is that?

There you have it – a piece of my mind. Care to refute any of the above? I invite you to make your case by presenting facts and examples. And please, if you do have some facts to present, make an effort to avoid the usual Democratic raging rhetoric and the boorish Obama-speak talking points.

And also, if you know the answer and have the time, pray tell me - - “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Anonymous said...

Excellent response Mort from Richard Appleby in Lawrenceville, GA
You are not only a very good Jew but a great Amwerican Patriot as well. Christians couldn't have a better friend than you.
Richard Appleby formerly of Lantana

Stop Marxism and Obama said...

The entire staff of "Stop Marxism" loves Mort. The People from "Chuck On The Right Side" should be grateful for Mort also. Mort is a valuable asset to America.