Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama's invite RACIST rapper Common to White House Again

We saw this Lowlife Racist, aka Common, at the White House Christmas Carol party. It is hard to understand how so many Americans can sit by and let this Racist Community Organizer destroy our Country. Yes the Tea Party and Conservatives tell the truth yet are attacked and called racist. The typical Marxist strategy, when they have no argument, they just shout RACIST like the Morons that they are.

This Racist Rapper is a regular at Rev Wright's so-called Church yet no Obama hears anything. This Lumberjack, the so-called wife of Barry Soetoro knows darn well who Common is and she still invites this Garbage to the White House. This is not about race with us, it is about dumping the Community Organizer and his Racist Thug Friends out of the White House. The People who support B. Hussein Obama are Racists. We are far to into the term for anyone to plead ignorance now. Those of us who read Dr. Corsi and David Freddoso's and Michelle Malkin (and other great Conservative Writers) knew this Chicago thug was a Marxist from day one. He must be defeated in 2012 (or sooner) and take that lowlife Coward Holder with him!

Please read the great article below M. Catharine Evans from the wonderful AmericanThinker.com.

Michelle O Invites Rapper to Join 'In Your Face Club'
M Catharine Evans

Michelle Obama declared on numerous occasions the White House would be "the people's house" after her husband was elected. Whose people?

The First Lady invited the Chicago-born rapper "Common" (aka Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.) to DC for a Wednesday evening poetry event. Common joins Mrs. Obama's ‘in your face' club which includes her "favorites" like singer Beyonce.

The 39-year old Grammy winning rapper/actor has been a member of the Obamas' Trinity United Church of Christ for most of his life. Pastor Wright's anti-white, anti-America sermons surely influenced the youngster's linguistic prowess. Michelle must feel right at home with the avowed Christian Mr. Common.

These lyrics to "Rich Man vs. Poor Man" could have been written after hearing a Sunday homily: (profanity alert)

But the white man didn't care, shit he didn't have to wear it (uh ha)

He scratched that pad he got from his parents, with his tight ass

He would of been poor white trash, but anyway

Everyday the blackman would ask for some spare change

But Adam, the white man would stare strange

So the black man got fed up

cause wasn't nobody feedin' him and feedin' him

And took red by his neck and started beatin' him and beatin' him

And this one offers a taste of the misogynist Common entitled "The Bitch In Yoo"

I'm a have ta wreck a Ho'shea

I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper

(So what) so I had to slap her, ugn

And violate you, a Muslim drinking brew

Your nigga ain't no Mack 10, he's a 22

I seen you, you ain't say s**t in ATL

A year ago, you wasn't talking shit about the West

Guess you knew you're s**t was done plus the one got you cable

Hoo Bangin, you ain't banging s**t but the table

in the Circle Mad, ain't got no choice but to fight

Ain't none of y'all muthafu***s got a chance on the mic

Pretty sick stuff, but that didn't stop Michelle O from enlisting his help in leading rap workshops with area schoolchildren before the evening performance. Why should we be surprised at any of the First Lady's antics? Her husband keeps Safe Schools Czar radical homosexual Kevin Jennings at the helm in the Department of Education.

Does Michelle really want school children and her own daughters Mahlia and Sasha to listen to rappers who abuse and denigrate women through their choice of language? What is she thinking? This is not child advocacy, this is child endangerment.

Sex and violence themes especially towards women permeate the rap genre culture. Nevertheless, Common is peddling his poetry at the White House and the "people's house" has become the "my people" hangout.

M. Catharine Evans also writes for Potter Williams Report

More Racist Garbage spewing from Common - Isn't some of this threats to Politicians?

A Letter to the Law

Dem boy wanna talk… [indistinguishable]

Whatcha gon do if ya got one gun?

I sing a song for the hero unsung

with faces on the mural of the revolution

No looking back cos’ in back is what’s done

Tell the preacher, God got more than one son

Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton

I walk like a warrior,

from them I won’t run

On the streets, they try to beat us like a drum

In Cincinnati, another brother hung

A guinea won’t see the sun
with his family stung

They want us to hold justice

but you handed me none

The same they did to Kobe and Michael Jackson

make them the main attraction

Turn around and attack them

Black gem in the rough

You’re rugged enough

Use your mind and nine-power, get the government touch

Them boys chat-chat on how him pop gun

I got the black strap to make the cops run

They watching me, I’m watching them

Them dick boys got a lock of cock in them

My people on the block got a lot of pok* in them

and when we roll together

we be rocking them to sleep

No time for that, because there’s things to be done

Stay true to what I do so the youth dream come

from project building

Seeing a fiend being hung

With that happening, why they messing with Saddam?

Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button

Killing over oil and grease

no weapons of destruction

How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one

The government’s a g-unit and they might buck young black people

Black people In the urban area one

I hold up a peace sign, but I carry a gun.

Peace, ya’ll.”

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