Friday, May 20, 2011

With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Enemies?

Can you imagine being in the shoes of an Israeli citizen and listening to the leader of your staunchest ally since 1948, the United States, as he throws you under the bus? This so-called leader of the free world, made a pronouncement about the fate of an allied country, Israel, without even consulting them, and on the eve of a meeting with their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. What a way to treat friends.

Over these past couple of years, whenever a Republican, Conservative, or Tea Party supporter warned against Obama and his stance vis/a/vis the State of Israel, we were condemned, vilified and accused of being racists because we had the temerity of pointing out the obvious, that our president was a Muslim sympathizer and a Israel basher. Some of his most vociferous supporters among the Jewish community, didn't want to hear such "heresy" about their "Anointed One". They sloughed off his repeated slights of Israel over the past two years as nothing more than empty rhetoric, but that deep-down he would support Israel when it counted.

Well folks, now you see where his sympathies lie, and it ain't with the Israelis. He has proposed a suicide pact that he wants Israel to accept, all in the name of "peace". Does he really want "peace" or does he want Israel to give to the Palestinians a "piece" of this and a "piece" of that in hopes that those offers will placate a people that wants to slit their throats and cut off their heads? I don't think that the Israeli's want to commit suicide. They should reject this fatuous offer by Obummer out of hand, and tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine.

Even though I'm not Jewish, I do have a dog in this fight. My dog is a democratic, free, vibrant Israel who is our stalwart against a tyrannical horde that wants to annihilate western civilization. Some of Israel's staunchest allies happen to not be Jewish, and some of its harshest critics are Jews themselves, even though they profess to be in favor of Israel. How can they justify blindly supporting an anti-Israel president like Obama? It boggles my mind.

Shame on Obama and his phony friends for being so shallow and blind to the realities of life. A strong vibrant Israel must be supported by our government and if they can't, vote them out in 2012.

Viva Israel!

Hat Tip to Chuck On The Right Side
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