Sunday, March 25, 2012


I never realized pregnancy is a disease.
It must be, according to the President.
Apparently contraception is the preventative method and
the day after pill is a treatment, while abortion is the cure,
putting it in his perspective.

If I am assumed to be wrong, how come this new plan comes under
health insurance? I thought health insurance is supposed to defray
medical treatment when you are seriously ill.

The President assures us his plan will not cost the taxpayer a
anything. He said he will make the insurance companies absorb the
cost and distribute the above services for free. Really?
When the bottom line of any company suffers, the cost of
doing business with them comes with an increase in prices.

That's a fact!

President Obama has many different hidden taxes....'a rose by
any other name is still a rose.'
Speaking about money, the word 'free' should be struck out of
any monetary reference, because nothing is ever free! There
is always somebody who has to pay.

This administration has given the poor a distorted sense of
values, based on wealth distribution and entitlement.
Also, based on the damage President Obama is creating in the
community of religion, he lends credence to suspicions of him being
a pseudo Christian with radical Islamic leaning because, Christians
and other legitimate religions deem life sacred, where as radical
Islam does not. Neither does he or his proposals.

Not only is he antagonizing Christian tenets, he is instigating class conflict,
hoping it will gain him four more years, to finish the changes and destruction
of the America our founders envisioned, and the hope and dreams it fulfilled
for our legally immigrated ancestors.

By George Giftos
Click to read George Giftos at Canada Free Press HERE

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