Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Potty training the President

When Barack Obama took office, it happened because he duped the vulnerable
by claiming he had the answer for everything. With his oratorical skills he was
able to mesmerize the gullible.
We now know it is his only skill!

On the job training hasn't cut it. It's like trying to teach your two year old potty
training and tying a shoe lace. The mess and stink is memorable and the tightly
knotted laces impossible to undo.

I don't know how many future administrations it will require to clean up Obama's
stinking mess and untie costly commitments attributed to the ineptness of the
arrogant, egotistical, braggart in office at the present time.

I respect the office of the presidency, but this leaves me open to criticism for being disrespectful to the man, and it's because he has no respect for the office.

On a recent TV interview he boasted he deserves another four years because
of his accomplishments; 16 trillion dollar debt and growing, the collapse of the real estate market, antagonizing Catholics and other Christians, blocking all attempts to curb our dependency of foreign oil, causing sky-rocketing gas prices and backing his election contributing greenie cronies on speculating schemes with taxpayer money, and insulting Israel to name a few.......four more years?
I don't think so!!!!!

By George Giftos
Click to read George Giftos at Canada Free Press HERE

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