Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sandra Fluke Swallows Marxism

The Obama Regime is ready to get back into Pimping? Well we have a lot to break down but when I think of the late, great Andrew Breitbart working his tail off for Patriotism, I will make the time. Sandra Fluke swallows Marxism and we have to pay for it? No, Sandra Fluke should swallow something Marxists don’t like, the truth.

Let us not forget it was not long ago that Obama’s Group, vile ACORN was helping out Pimps and Hookers with various states of affairs. This situation was brought to the forefront by Heroes, Andrew Breitbart with James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. Instead of being honored as Heroes, the three were attacked by the Obama Regime and supporters. Pimps don’t like their money messed with however the Marxist Pimp will take our money to support Liberals and their bad habits.

So Sandra Fluke thinks she can be a big-shot Community Organizer and organize Prostitutes? Let’s break that down, as she wants to have sex with various Partners and she wants US to pay for her needs. So freeloader Sandra Fluke and the lowlife Liberals don’t like the word that Rush Limbaugh called her. Can we “pretty up” the word and use Hooker or Prostitute? Well Prostitutes get paid for sex hence they can buy their own contraceptives.

Again weasel Sandra Fluke wants to have sex with various Partners and we pay. The Liberals use that word “Partner” and we will use that as who knows who or what Sandra Fluke is sleeping with. We really don’t want to know which partners are “double bagging” with Fluke, we just don’t want to pay for it.

The Marxist Regime will not look at the facts, they simply attack Rush, Mister Common Sense. Two things Marxists have no time for, truth and common sense. Well I won’t stand by as the parasite Liberals like Sandra Fluke and her Hooker comrades attack Rush. They can have all the sex they want, but we should not be forced to pay for it or have our insurance premiums skyrocket to pay for some Fluke. When and if Sandra Fluke graduates Georgetown, will she be part of the 1%? If yes will she be attacked by the Marxists in the Occupy Movement?

We see wimps like “Sleep Train” folds like a cheap suit in Rev. Wright’s Racist Church. Is “Sleep Train” an evil corporation, and will the Marxists in the Occupy Movement attack them now? How can so many Americans fold under Political Correctness when we see the damage it has done? Can you say Barrack Hussein Obama? Look at Andrew Breitbart and his recent passing. I will bring him up again, as he fought Marxism till the bitter end.

No, we won’t paint all College Girls as sex crazed, trampy flukes. In fact there are brilliant, beautiful young Ladies even at Georgetown. There is an excellent writer at Georgetown, Angela Morabito, who deserves so much credit. Angela Morabito does not want to be a freeloader like Sandra Fluke. Many young Ladies who are College Students barely get by yet they don’t BEG for money to have tons of sex?

Now are we going to be fooled or is the sex crazed, demented Sandra Fluke a plant working with the Regime? Come on, Right after the Obama Regime gets some flak for forcing People to go against their Religion, this Fluke knucklehead comes out from “under the Sheets”?

Yes let’s get into the gutter to fight Marxism and the Regime. Again, state the facts for the incoherent Liberals. Sandra Fluke wants to have loads of sex, obviously many one night stands or in her case, one hour stands, and we pay for the sex? She is going to Georgetown yet somehow the words of the Constitution escape Fluke. I never saw the writing in the Constitution that says we pay for cheap Hookers to do what they do.

Staying in the Gutter, let’s ask some questions to the contemptible Liberals. The facts are that many rapes involving College Students are “date rapes” or “acquaintance rapes”. So would Bill Clinton have raped Juanita Broaddrick if he knew she was on birth control and could not get pregnant? Would rich left wing misogynists like Bill Maher, Jesse Jackson, High Hefner’s son and Alec Baldwin try and dive into the sack with a Fluke if they had to pay for the contraceptives not American taxpayers?

I find it reprehensible that Barry Soetoro would take time to call The Fluke yet attack our Troops at any chance. Soetoro supports the tranny Fluke, apologizes to the Terrorists and then more of our Troops die. Yet the Democrats would rather have meetings about Marxists having tons of sex rather than talk about Sharia Law killing our Troops. Do you really think Barry called his comrades in the Muslim Brotherhood and together we will all sing ‘We are the World”? Wake up, the Country is broke, Radical Islam wants to kill us and this moronic Fluke wants money from us?

Sandra Fluke is no different than Nazi Pelosi with lies, twists and turns to push Marxism on America. Pass the Bill, and then you can read it? Freeloader Sandra Fluke won’t like these words either, as I partially quote a great American Patriot. Stop the Marxism or get the hell out of the United States of America!


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USpace said...

BRAVO! I've been tweeting this to some Leftists.

Stop Sandra Fluke said...

Thank you USpace! The disgusting, Leftists send out their pea brains and accuse Conservatives of wanting to get rid of contraceptives. Who said that, we just don't want to give our hard earned money to some Fluke while she lies in bed all day.