Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marxist MSM Attacks Rick Scott, Florida Governor

Dear Stephen L. Goldstein:

Just read another sour grapes column by the political vintner of undrinkable wine, Stephen L. Goldstein. Who'd have thought that Goldstein would write a column against a Republican governor, Rick Scott. I'm "shocked" as Peter Lorre would say in that famous scene from the film Casablanca.

Suppose the Democrats were in charge in Tallahassee - would you be writing a similar column - I think not as your partisanship would take over and condone a Democratic redistricting. right Stephen? Redistricting is either good or bad depending if you are in the majority in the legislative and executive branches of government. It's O.K. if Democrats are "guaranteed" election in "gerrymandered" districts (Ex. Alcee Hastings in the 23rd C.D,), but is "evil" if it favors Republicans, right again Stephen?

Here it is only one month into the Scott administration, and already Stephen L. Goldstein has gotten his DEPENDS all wet and soiled. The governor is already classified, by you, as being autocratic, condescending, and unaccountable. Gee, will the words crook, filthy rich and illegitimate be far behind? You threw out the figure that Scott had only 49% of the vote and that somehow translates into his being illegitimate, but Bill Clinton getting 43% of the vote (year 2000) was a voters mandate and absolutely "legitimate". 49% was pretty damn goods in a 3-way race,don't you think Stephen?

I'm sure Stephen, no matter what Rick Scott does, he'll be fodder for your cheap-shot, slime machine all during his term as governor. You are not overly partisan Stephen, but you are exceedingly irrelevant as well.


Chuck On The Right Side
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