Saturday, February 26, 2011

Union Dos and Don'ts

The fiasco spilling out of Wisconsin into other states shouts for economic reform.
We voted to have our elected official running for, not running from solving the
financial predicament many states are in.

Much of today's improved working conditions can be attributed to the unions, but
they have also created an imbalance between the public and private sector. It is
not unreasonable to ask the public sector to contribute toward their retirement
fund and health services. Collective bargaining for government employees has to
be altered to eliminate the pork, or earmark that eat up municipal, state and
federal budgets. One example is when fire fighters and policemen, through collective
bargaining, are allowed to accumulate unreasonable overtime to enhance the figure
their retirement pay will be based on. In many cases it is more than what their base
pay was before retirement.

This sector of labor doesn't create wealth, it consumes it like a Socialistic state.
Margaret Thatcher said, "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run
out of other people's money." Those in office now should volunteer for a ten
percent good faith reduction in their compensation. Even if serving one term,
an elected official can receive full retirement pay. This is not right.

Depending in what office they hold and for how long, a reasonable vestment period
should be pro- rated on a 20 year measure to determine compensation.

The thugs infesting the unions, pouring millions into the Democrat party, have
a strangle hold on the government and they don't want to let go

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

Below is a Breitbart tv - "Uncovered Video of Obama".
Obama Leads SEIU Chant After Vowing to Paint the Nation Purple!

This Video has been taken down numerous times. Why does the Left promote Marxism
and Socialism but don't want us to see the evidence? If liberalism is so great
why are they not proud to stand by it?

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Har-v Hill- Billy said...

Hillbillys Outpost and Handy Man How 2- Are Unions REALLY above the Constitution?
This article tells me they ARE!!!!