Monday, February 21, 2011

Political Correctness Has Gone Too Far

Political Correctness has helped to crumble our society. Some pervert like Wanda Sykes can tell how she wants Rush Limbaugh to die. The Racist Liberals and the so-called President, Obama laughed it up. Yet when a 16 year old white guy says that an odd looking statute “looks Gay”, well Wanda Sykes is there to scold the kid and make fun of his mustache? Double Standard? Liberals have no civility. Liberals have a proclivity for Violence.

Left-wing Black Activist Acknowledges Race Attacks on Tea Party Are Bogus But Effective! Of course the Media Ignores the truth as the MSM is promoting this slave-owner Regime.

Political Correctness is a movement of speech purification which is meant to remove any objectionable content that unfairly differentiates between the speaker and different subgroups. It is also supposed to change behavior by promoting these subgroups. So the Marxist Liberals us it to attack anyone who speaks out against a Gay Person or so-called Minority. Of course the Marxist Liberals use it to "legally" attack Conservatives.

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