Saturday, February 12, 2011

Arab Contributi​on Adds Up To Zero

Sharia is a primitive law; like a polyp hinged on to Islam. A religion that
was spread by violence and has yet to transform as did Christianity, into an
organization guiding its believers toward peace, decency and love for their
fellow man, evolving from the middle ages to right itself after straying
from it origins. The process is on going.

Islam is still stuck into a middle ages mind set and will not move ahead until
it realizes it is 700 years behind the times and must purge the advocacy of
violence, suppression of free thinking, the demeaning of women and its en-
dorsing honor killing of family members who stray from the chauvinistic goons
under the guise of religion.

In the Judeo-Christian dogma life is precious. The clergy in Islam does not
endorse the sanctity of life. The lives of others are there to be sacrificed for
their benefit, power and position. I have yet to hear of any cleric suicide
bombers. Their misguided beliefs are contrary to God.

Throughout Islam it is evident the radicalism can be mostly associated and
attributed to the Arab world, they having contributed nothing for the betterment
of the human condition since inventing the zero.

Conservative Commentary from George Giftos

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