Sunday, June 19, 2011

Democratic Party is The Party of Slavery

The MSM (Mainstream Media) so-called News is just another word for Marxist Leftwing Propaganda. Below we have a counter-attack on the Lamestream Media and their push to rewrite History. The Left wants to claim Republicans were the racist and anti-black with Debbie Bigmouth Schultz claiming Republicans want to go back to Jim Crow days. yet the truth is Democrats are the Party of Slavery, the KKK, Jim Crowe, Al Gore's dad and on and on. The Left Wing Marxists are well on their way to the Fundamental Transformation of America.

This portion below from Chuck On The Right Side.

Dear Doug Lyons:

When you use the word "disproportionate" you imply that black people are, in many instances, incarcerated wrongly as compared to whites. Of course, nothing is perfect including our justice system, but do you really think that most all blacks in jails and prisons are locked up because they are black and not guilty of committing a crime?

Two prominent black pundits and professors, Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams, have addressed this issue and found your implications to be without merit. Just look through you own paper, the Sun-Sentinel, on a regular basis, and you'll see that a high proportion (as compared to their percent of the population) of crimes are committed by black people (mostly males). What does slavery and Jim Crow laws (long gone) have to do with the high incidence of black on black crime or black on white crime (which is much higher than white on black crime)?

Always placing the blame on others when the blame should be directed at the perpetrators, is the easy way out for people who want to further a social (racial) agenda. Who has forced the births of children to unwed mothers in the black community (at a 70% rate)? Who collects welfare at a rate higher than other groups - you got it , black families.

Victim hood is the curse of the black community by encouraging many to use it as an excuse to excuse their anti-social behavior.

People like you, Doug, should address the obvious problems facing the black community and stop blaming everything and everyone else. America offers an opportunity to everyone who wants to take advantage of it (including many blacks who are highly successful today). Making excuses is the easy way out of solving the problems of the black community. Doug, you should know better.

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