Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Listening To Progressives Is Torture

Dear Professor Robert Watson:

I guess you couldn't resist bringing in the Bush Administration when you were describing the horrible conditions at Andersonville prison during the Civil War (S/S June 19, 2011).

How can you equate the "shocking" revelations about the so-called enhanced "torture" at Guantanomo with what went on at Andersonville? The military detention center at Guantanomo is an example of our commitment to being humane to our enemies, and should not be used as a political hammer against your political adversaries (the Republicans and Conservatives). The military prison (detention center) at Guantanomo is the epitome of how a prison should combine punishment (detention) and at the same time being humane. You, supposedly being an objective historian (who heads up a liberal progressive group called, "Think, Act, and Lead"), should not try to compare apples and oranges as you did with Guantanomo and Andersonville.

You never mention that your buddy (Obama) has continued these supposed un-American detention policies, but you always equate them with the Bush Administration. Your bias is blatant and overt, especially troubling for an objective professor of American Studies at Lynn University (or so you claim to be).

As an aside, you liberals (progressives) use the word torture as something that we, as a country, do on a regular basis. To me, torture is cutting off fingers, arms, legs, ears and tongues, putting electrical wires on genitals, lashing people with whips, stoning political opponents etc., etc., as opposed to our enhanced techniques of waterboarding (no one has died or had permanent injuries as a result of this procedure), sleep deprivation and other psychological methods. Granted, these are not pleasant techniques, but do they rise to the level of what should be called torture? I guess if a Republican does it it is torture, but if a Democrat does it it is not torture. The hypocrisy of the left (of which you are an "esteemed" member) is on display almost daily in the biased media. Shame on you and your other fellow travelers.


Chuck On The Right Side
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