Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Allen West The Next George Washington

To Doug Lyons:

As I'm generally critical of your views and your over emphasis on race, I must say you were quite the gentleman when you questioned Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll (R-Fl.). No over the top questions about her being a victim of black discrimination as she is a perfect example of how an intelligent black person (a woman at that - wow!) can achieve a position through hard work and due diligence. She is the role model for all black people, to take it upon themselves to rise to the top (almost, as she's only the Lt. Gov.) and that she is looked upon as an equal by the Governor she serves.

Why don't you interview some other "non-victimized" blacks such as Rep. Allen West, Rep. Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Herman Cain etc. and get their perspectives on the opportunities afforded black as well a white, yellow, and brown people in our country. Those aforementioned people are the future of America, not the race politics offered up by Jackson, Sharpton, and the "white liberal".

The word racist is becoming trite today by being over used by people who can't argue the merits of an argument, they therefore try to stifle dissent by throwing out the "racist" word signaling "end of argument". Just listen to the hysterical Democrats who throw out that word at any mention of dissent with Obama's policies. Most people can see through this ploy, but they continue on using it. Remember the boy who cried wolf?

Chuck On The Right Side
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