Monday, June 27, 2011

Goldilox & The Three Bores - Me, Myself and I

Once upon a time - in the far away land of our childhood, children began learning life's lessons at the knee of one of their parents who would make the time to read aloud, one of the beautifully written stories-with-a-moral, from the family copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Fast forward to today's SunSentinel, the waning local periodical that specializes in hand-picked stories of present-day immorality in its news coverage - and the grimmest of fairy tales in its editorials and on its Opinion Page. Stephen Leftist Goldstein's column that appeared in the aforementioned newsrag on Sunday, June 12, 2011 was so very typical of his obstreperous writings that are sadly, unfit for the ears of any of today's children, whatever their age. In this particular edition, he quantum leaped his customary level of tedious drivel with a soaring tribute to himself that I have elected to re-title: "Goldilox & The Three Bores - Me, Myself and I".

I won't bore you dear reader nor frankly, irk myself to an even greater degree, by quoting from his megalomaniacal treatise. Suffice it to say that in all my time trodding this Earth, I've never encountered his like. When it comes to such a unique amalgam of vitriol, hard-left bias, hatred of conservatism, intolerance of opposing viewpoints plus - an out-and-out self-adoration that borders on the obscene, this weird dude has no equal. It boggles the mind as to how much or even why the SunSentinel compensates this pretentious paranoid but, one doesn't need the specifics to arrive at the assessment that whatever the amount, Goldilox is overpaid by a bunch. In response to anticipated rebuttal if there is any, please understand that there is no envy on the part of this writer, just a boatload of incredulity.

Hypocrisy, unrestrained lunacy, delusional Democrat clap-trap and mind-blowing over-boring pomposity simply ooze from between the keys as Goldilox - the infallible, conjures up his tiresome tirades.

If he were no longer to appear in the SunniSentinel, would he be missed? I for one, am willing to suffer the potential consequences of such a reverie becoming a reality.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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